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About MHL Financial, Inc.


   MHL Financial, Inc. (MHL) is an investment banking and capital creation organization.  MHL is a full-service firm, providing corporate management and arranging business funding with an emphasis on merger and acquisition opportunities.

     Since 1979, MHL’s professional staff has gained extensive experience in business management, corporate finance, business planning, and real estate development and investments.  This base of experience provides MHL with the ability to create a comprehensive business plan and financing program for your company’s growth, from start-up venture capital to corporate collection management.  MHL’s capital creation programs include providing investment capital through security registration for initial public offerings to private or institutional investors.  MHL partners with its clients to ensure success.


   As a full-service financial organization, MHL applies proprietary technologies in all facets of its business to ensure frictionless distribution, cutting edge product development, and enriched client relationshipsMHL’s professional staff provides services to clients through its five divisions: Venture Capital; Merger and Acquisition; Real Estate Development and Investments; Mortgage Banking,; and Business Management.

Venture Capital

Merger & Acquisition

·  Private Placements
·  Capital Structure
·  Equity Financing
·  Debt Financing
·  Capital Formation &  Strategies
·  Private & Institutional Investors

·  Buying and Selling Businesses
·  Negotiation & Structure
·  Due Diligence
·  Positioning Strategies
·  Closing Transactions
·  Valuation & Opportunity Analysis

Real Estate

Mortgage Banking

·  Residential & Commercial
·  Acquisition & Disposition of Assets
·  Investments
·  Development Management
·  Construction Management
·  Portfolio & Property Management

·  Asset Management
·  Portfolio Acquisition
·  Portfolio Disposition
·  Residential Lending
·  Commercial Lending
·  Financial Leveraging

Business Management

·  Corporate Finance Analysis
·  Capital Cost Analysis
·  Business Plan & Financial Projections
·  Company Formation and Launch
·  Offering Memorandum Preparation
·  Company Review and Analysis
·  Cash Management
·  Research & Analysis of Industry,  Markets, and Competition
·  Restructuring & Turnarounds
·  Partnerships & Management
·  Emerging Markets, Opportunity Analysis
·  Growth & Stability Management
·  Financial Modeling
·  Documentation
·  Processes
·  Specifications

Mission Statement

     Our executives have a total commitment to provide superior, uncompromising service to all our partners.  Our commitments extend to the time, energy, and courteous and creative thinking necessary to get the job done right and get it done quickly.  Although it is sometimes easier for the world to say “no,” we will always make an effort to find a way to make the answer “yes”. 

Our executives believe in building
quality relationships with our clients and partners

·  We pay attention to the needs of the project
·  We emphasize satisfaction 

·  We do more than what is expected
·  We are totally accessible to clients



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